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Air Conditioning Repair & Installation Naples & Fort Myers, FL

"Be Cool in One Hour or it is Free"

Our unique guarantee lets you rest easy knowing that the dog days will not have you down for long. Give us an hour and we'll have you feeling cool and comfortable – guaranteed!

Here are some more good reasons to choose Pure Air for your air conditioning service and repair needs:

  • Complete, Comprehensive Equipment Repair. When your AC breaks, you need a trained, experienced Pure Air technician to correctly assess and quickly fix the problem. Don't put up with the discomfort of a house that is too warm or humid. Your family, friends and even your pets need and deserve an air conditioning system that works right all the time. When it breaks, the clear choice for fixing it right is the problem-solving team at Pure Air.
  • Quality New Installations. Selecting the right air conditioning system can be difficult. You need equipment that will properly cool your space and you need it to expertly installed. At Pure Air, we take the time to make sure you are getting the best product and service for your individual needs. Our team of specialists can also provide you with other valuable services including:
    • Zoning systems
    • Load calculations
    • Energy consumption audits
  • Preventative Maintenance.  As one of the most trusted air conditioning companies in Southwest Florida, we offer maintenance packages that are designed to prolong the life of your air conditioner and protect the investment you have made in your home's cooling system. Through regular service and maintenance, your equipment your equipment can continue to operate at optimal levels and keep your energy bills down for years to come. Don't let rust and corrosion eat away at your investment. Find out how our comprehensive maintenance plan can save you thousands of dollars on repairs and equipment down the line.
  • Indoor Air Quality. EPA estimates claim that indoor air can contain upwards of TEN TIMES the contaminants of outdoor air. Today’s homes are heavily insulated and are designed to keep air in. Pure Air offers a wide range of solutions to decrease the level of harmful contaminants in your home and keep the indoor air fresh. These include ultra violet lights, duct cleaning, and air filters.

At Pure Air Conditioning, we know you have many options for meeting your home or business cooling needs. We pride ourselves on taking excellent care of our customers because our customers take such good care of us through their repeat business, loyalty and great word-of-mouth advertising. We appreciate you making us your air conditioning repair company.


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